Elkhart Intermediate School


What is the Thundering Herd? Boys and Girls in 3rd through 5th Grade. By joining the Thundering Herd, the children will get to run through the tunnel before each home football game. Each member of the Thundering Herd will receive free admission to the home games (parent/adult admission is not included, they must buy a ticket).

How to become a member of the Thundering Herd: Each child can pay $10 for their Thundering Herd T-Shirt. This T-Shirt is their admission to the game. They must wear the T-Shirt in order to run out of the tunnel. The Thundering Herd will run out after the football players and cheerleaders come out. Once the children run out of the tunnel, parents will meet at the gate by the track to pick up the child. This is also where we will meet at 7:15 to run out of the tunnel.

The following dates are the home games where The Thundering Herd will participate: 9/6, 9/20, 10/4, 10/18, 11/1

CLICK HERE to SIGN-UP - https://is.elkhartisd.org/apps/form/form.ELKHART-I.rAzliPX.1ui