Counselor's Connection

It's so GREAT to be back! I sure have missed all of our students. My name is Kelly Smith and I am the Elementary/Intermediate School Counselor. I have been in education for 21 years and 19 of those years as a school counselor at different levels. I graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a  Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and I also graduated from the University of North Texas with a Master's Degree in Education. My year is filled with classroom lessons or "Mindful Minutes", "Lunch Bunch" with 3rd graders, character education school wide, meeting with individual students, test coordination, and lots of other paperwork required by the state. One specific area that I will be targeting is emotions...what are they?, why do we have them?, what do we do with them? and how do we move from one zone to another? I'll be referring to the Zones of Regulation. The movie "Inside Out" is a great example of managing those big feelings and I'll be using it as a resource throughout the year!
I care about each and every student and I'm blessed to serve as an advocate for all of them. Our priority is to provide a safe and secure environment for all kids to learn and reach their potential.
Elkhart ISD is an excellent place for kids!
I am proud to be an Elkhart Elk!
Mrs. Kelly Smith, MEd, LPC-S, CSC